This is a list of television stations in the United Kingdom available on digital terrestrial, satellite, cable and IPTV systems.

Some channels have a "timeshift" service with the same programming (and usually advertisements as well) broadcast one, two or twenty-four hours later to give viewers another chance to catch a favourite programme, and some have an HD simulcast that broadcasts the same programming in high-definition.


Name Owner Freeview Freesat Sky Virgin Media YouView
 ? TVAMC Networks International Zone252
&TVZee Entertainment Enterprises795811
1-2-1 DatingAssociated Newspapers204204
4MusicThe Box Plus Network (Bauer Media Group/Channel Four Television Corporation)018360330018
4sevenChannel Four Television Corporation047127140195047
4seven HDChannel Four Television Corporation110110
5*Viacom International Media Networks Europe030131176151030
5* +1Viacom International Media Networks Europe132190
5USAViacom International Media Networks Europe021129174153021
5USA +1Viacom International Media Networks Europe130219154


Name Owner Freeview Freesat Sky Virgin Media YouView
Aaj TakTV Today Network818
Aastha TVAastha Broadcasting Network Ltd.837
ABP NewsABP Group811
Absolute Classic RockBauer Radio1201952
Absolute RadioBauer Radio7277241107915727
Absolute Radio 70sBauer Radio1188
Absolute Radio 80sBauer Radio7261200951
Absolute Radio 90sBauer Radio1203
Abu Dhabi TVAbu Dhabi Media794
ACBNACBN International Ltd244 (streamed)
Adult PreviewsVirgin Media969
Adult XXXSynapse TV Ltd183183
Aflam 1Arab Radio and Television Network (ART)464 (TT)
Aflam 2Arab Radio and Television Network (ART)465 (TT)
Africa ChannelAfrica Channel LLC209289
Ahlebait TVAhlebait TV Network Ltd.826
Ahlulbayt TVAhlulbayt TV Ltd.831
AIT InternationalUK Entertainment Limited232
Akaal ChannelAkaal Channel Ltd.843
Al AhlyAl Ahly468 (TT)
Al Jazeera ArabicAl Jazeera134831134, 459 (TT)
Al Jazeera EnglishAl Jazeera133203514622133
Al Jazeera English HDAl Jazeera108108
Al SharquiyaSaad al-Bazaaz469 (TT)
AlibiUKTV (BBC Worldwide/Scripps Networks Interactive)132130409
Alibi +1UKTV (BBC Worldwide/Scripps Networks Interactive)226131
Alibi HDUKTV (BBC Worldwide/Scripps Networks Interactive)247200
Angling TVBT Group plc457
Animal PlanetDiscovery Networks Western Europe523216415
Animal Planet +1Discovery Networks Western Europe549218
Animal Planet HDDiscovery Networks Western Europe562217474 (BT)
ARISE NewsARISE Media UK Limited136519136
ART CinemaArab Radio and Television Network (ART)466 (TT)
ARY DigitalARY Group791818
ARY NewsARY Group802819
ARY QtvARY Group804
At The RacesAt The Races Ltd (Sky plc/Arena Racing Company)415534
ATN Bangla UKChannel S Plus Limited827


Name Owner Freeview Freesat Sky Virgin Media YouView
B4U MoviesB4U780815
B4U MusicB4U504781816
Babes From TVSquare World Communications Ltd945
BabestationCellcast Group174870906174
Babestation 2Cellcast Group177177
BabyTVFox International Channels (21st Century Fox)623703
Bangla TVBangla TV Ltd786
BaraemAl Jazeera461 (TT)
Bay TV Liverpool (Liverpool)Bay TV Liverpool008159008
BBC AlbaBBC/MG Alba008 (Scotland)110143161008 (Scotland)
BBC Asian NetworkBBC7097091119912709
BBC FourBBC009107116107009
BBC Four HDBBC106148211164106
BBC London 94.9BBC Local Radio721 (London)718 (London)1152 (London)937721 (London)
BBC NewsBBC130200503601130
BBC News HDBBC107212570604107
BBC OneBBC001101101101001
BBC One HDBBC101108, 972141, 976108101
BBC One ScotlandBBC960951862
BBC One Scotland HDBBC973977
BBC One WalesBBC964952863
BBC One Wales HDBBC976978
BBC One Northern IrelandBBC957953864
BBC One Northern Ireland HDBBC978979
BBC One LondonBBC950954851, 861
BBC One North East & CumbriaBBC956955
BBC One YorkshireBBC966956
BBC One Yorkshire & LincolnshireBBC967957
BBC One North WestBBC955958
BBC One West MidlandsBBC963959
BBC One East MidlandsBBC952960
BBC One East (East)BBC953961
BBC One East (West)BBC954962
BBC One South EastBBC959963
BBC One SouthBBC961964
BBC One OxfordshireBBC958965
BBC One WestBBC965966
BBC One South WestBBC962967
BBC One Channel IslandsBBC951968
BBC ParliamentBBC131201504605131
BBC Radio 1BBC7007001101901700
BBC Radio 1XtraBBC7017011137907701
BBC Radio 2BBC7027021102902702
BBC Radio 3BBC7037031103903703
BBC Radio 4 FMBBC7047041104904704
BBC Radio 4 LWBBC7101143
BBC Radio 4 ExtraBBC7087081131910708
BBC Radio 5 LiveBBC7057051105905705
BBC Radio 5 Live Sports ExtraBBC7067061106908706
BBC Radio 6 MusicBBC7077071120909707
BBC Radio Bristol (Bristol)BBC Local Radio719719
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire (Cambridgeshire)BBC Local Radio722722
BBC Radio CymruBBC Wales720 (Wales)7151154936720 (Wales)
BBC Radio Devon (Devon)BBC Local Radio720720
BBC Radio Foyle (NI)BBC Northern Ireland720720
BBC Radio Kent (Kent)BBC Local Radio719719
BBC Radio Leeds (Leeds)BBC Local Radio719719
BBC Radio Manchester (Manchester)BBC Local Radio719719
BBC Radio nan GáidhealBBC Alba720 (Scotland)7131139934720 (Scotland)
BBC Radio Newcastle (Newcastle)BBC Local Radio719719
BBC Radio Norfolk (Norfolk)BBC Local Radio719719
BBC Radio Nottingham (Nottingham)BBC Local Radio720720
BBC Radio ScotlandBBC Scotland719 (Scotland)7121116930719 (Scotland)
BBC Radio Solent (Southampton)BBC Local Radio719719
BBC Radio UlsterBBC Northern Ireland719 (NI)7161118932719 (NI)
BBC Radio WalesBBC Wales719 (Wales)7141117931719 (Wales)
BBC Red Button 1BBC601981980991601
BBC ThreeBBC007106115106007
BBC Three HDBBC105147210163105
BBC TwoBBC002102102102002
BBC Two HDBBC102109142162102
BBC Two EnglandBBC968969852, 865
BBC Two ScotlandBBC970970
BBC Two WalesBBC971971
BBC Two Northern IrelandBBC972972
BBC WM (West Midlands)BBC Local Radio722722
BBC World ServiceBBC7107111115906710
Believe TVBelieve TV Limited244 (streamed)592
BENGreener Technology Limited244 (streamed)182
Best DirectBest Direct (International) Ltd.244 (streamed)659
BETViacom International Media Networks Europe140187184
BFBS Radio 1British Forces Broadcasting Service7861211
Big Centre TV (Birmingham)Kaleidoscope TV Ltd008159008
BlissCSC Media Group (Sony Pictures Television)376
Bloomberg TelevisionBloomberg L.P.208502609
Blue Kiss TVSquare 1 Management Ltd176176
BON TVBON News244 (streamed)571
Bonanza BonanzaComux UK Limited157266
BoomerangTurner Broadcasting System Europe (Time Warner)238 (streamed)603730561
Boomerang +1Turner Broadcasting System Europe (Time Warner)618731
BoxNationBoxing Channel Media Ltd437546525 (TT)
BoxNation HDBoxing Channel Media Ltd490
Brit Asia TVMr D S Bal824
British EurosportEurosport Group (Discovery Communications/TF1 Group)410521513 (BT)
British Eurosport 2Eurosport Group (Discovery Communications/TF1 Group)411525514 (BT)
British Eurosport 2 HDEurosport Group (Discovery Communications/TF1 Group)443526522 (BT)
British Eurosport HDEurosport Group (Discovery Communications/TF1 Group)412522521 (BT)
British Muslim TVVision TV Network244 (streamed)845
BT PromoBT Group plc475 (BT)
BT Sport 1BT Group plc058413/426547507 (BT)
BT Sport 1 HDBT Group plc426/413549510 (BT)
BT Sport 2BT Group plc414/427548508 (BT)
BT Sport 2 HDBT Group plc427/414550511 (BT)
BT Sport Extra 1BT Group plcRed buttonRed button527 (BT)
BT Sport ShowcaseBT Group plc059059
BukkedeVision Group (Uganda)483 (TT)


Name Owner Freeview Freesat Sky Virgin Media YouView
Capital LondonGlobal Radio7247191109958724
Capital TVGlobal Television (Global Group)056 (Manchester), 241 (streamed)517388056 (Manchester)
Capital XtraGlobal Radio7201114959
Cartoon NetworkTurner Broadcasting System Europe (Time Warner)238 (streamed)601704562
Cartoon Network +1Turner Broadcasting System Europe (Time Warner)602705
Cartoon Network HDTurner Broadcasting System Europe (Time Warner)634732
CartoonitoTurner Broadcasting System Europe (Time Warner)238 (streamed)619706563
CBBC HDBBC123607633710123
CBeebies HDBBC124608624711124
CBS ActionCBS AMC Networks UK Channels Partnership064137148192064, 485 (TT)
CBS DramaCBS AMC Networks UK Channels Partnership134149197486 (TT)
CBS RealityCBS AMC Networks UK Channels Partnership066135146148066
CBS Reality +1CBS AMC Networks UK Channels Partnership136147201484 (TT)
CCTVChina Central Television226
CCTV-4China Central Television226 (streamed)
CCTV-9 DocumentaryChina Central Television226 (streamed)
CCTV NewsChina Central Television226 (streamed)  244 (streamed)211510
ChallengeSky plc046145145139046
Challenge +1Sky plc164180
Channel 4Channel Four Television Corporation004 (008 Wales)104 (120 Wales)104 (117 Wales)104004 (008 Wales)
Channel 4 LondonChannel Four Television Corporation974974854
Channel 4 +1Channel Four Television Corporation013121135143013
Channel 4 +1 LondonChannel Four Television Corporation975975
Channel 4 HDChannel Four Television Corporation104126227142104
Channel 4 +1 HDChannel Four Television Corporation109109
Channel 5Viacom International Media Networks Europe005105105105, 855005
Channel 5 +1Viacom International Media Networks Europe044128177155044
Channel 5 +24Viacom International Media Networks Europe055133175152055
Channel 5 HDViacom International Media Networks Europe171150
Channel AKAAll Around the World Productions241 (streamed)385
Channel iChannel i Ltd833
Channel line-upSky plc996
Channel SChannel S Global Ltd.814
Channels 24Channels Television Incorporated575476 (TT)
Chart Show DanceCSC Media Group (Sony Pictures Television)503372
Chart Show TVCSC Media Group (Sony Pictures Television)067 (Manchester)500365067 (Manchester)
Chat Box4D Interactive Ltd243 (streamed)873
Chelsea TVChelsea F.C./Sky plc421
CitizenCitizen TV Kenya481 (TT)
CITVITV Digital Channels Ltd (ITV plc)122602621734122
Classic FMGlobal Radio7317211106922731
ClimaxPlayboy Enterprises914
Clubland TVAll Around the World Productions241 (streamed)510383
CNBC EuropeCNBC EMEA (NBCUniversal)210505613
CNC WorldChina Xinhua News Network Corporation515
CNN InternationalTurner Broadcasting System Europe (Time Warner)238 (streamed)207506607
ColorsViacom 18241 (streamed)662821826
Comedy CentralParamount British Pictures/Sky plc238 (streamed)112132417
Comedy Central +1Paramount British Pictures/Sky plc127133
Comedy Central ExtraParamount British Pictures/Sky plc128182418
Comedy Central Extra +1Paramount British Pictures/Sky plc159
Comedy Central HDParamount British Pictures/Sky plc205181446 (BT)
Community ChannelMedia Trust063651539233063
Connect 1Connect TV Limited (Arqiva)225 (Placeholder)
Connect 2Connect TV Limited (Arqiva)227 (Placeholder)
Connect 4Connect TV Limited (Arqiva)234 (Placeholder)
Create and CraftIdeal Shopping Direct plc036813674748036
Craft ExtraIdeal Shopping Direct plc811675
CIA+E Networks UK (A+E Networks/Sky plc)238 (streamed)553237433
CI +1A+E Networks UK (A+E Networks/Sky plc)554
CI HDA+E Networks UK (A+E Networks/Sky plc)555453 (BT)


Name Owner Freeview Freesat Sky Virgin Media YouView
Dating4D Interactive Ltd243
DaveUKTV (BBC Worldwide/Scripps Networks Interactive)012111128012
Dave HDUKTV (BBC Worldwide/Scripps Networks Interactive)246194
Dave ja vuUKTV (BBC Worldwide/Scripps Networks Interactive)025214129025
DaystarDaystar Television Network073 (Placeholder)691583073 (Placeholder)
Desi RadioThe Panjabi Centre Ltd1169
Diamond RDSpectrum Radio Ltd1185
Discovery ChannelDiscovery Networks Western Europe520211414
Discovery Channel +1Discovery Networks Western Europe521213
Discovery HDDiscovery Networks Western Europe561212473 (BT)
Discovery HistoryDiscovery Networks Western Europe535222
Discovery History +1Discovery Networks Western Europe536223
Discovery Home & HealthDiscovery Networks Western Europe240271416 (TT)
Discovery Home & Health +1Discovery Networks Western Europe241272
Discovery ScienceDiscovery Networks Western Europe525219
Discovery Science +1Discovery Networks Western Europe557220
Discovery ShedDiscovery Networks Western Europe242273
Discovery TurboDiscovery Networks Western Europe524221
Disney ChannelDisney-ABC Television Group609724555
Disney Channel +1Disney-ABC Television Group610725
Disney Channel HDDisney-ABC Television Group631
Disney JuniorDisney-ABC Television Group611727556
Disney Junior +Disney-ABC Television Group612
Disney Junior HDDisney-ABC Television Group628
Disney XDDisney-ABC Television Group607707557
Disney XD +1Disney-ABC Television Group608708
Disney XD HDDisney-ABC Television Group622
DM Plus TVDM Digital Television Ltd.799
DMAXDiscovery Networks Western Europe144170
DMAX +1Discovery Networks Western Europe233171
DramaUKTV (BBC Worldwide/Scripps Networks Interactive)020158190020
Dunya NewsDunya News Ltd850


Name Owner Freeview Freesat Sky Virgin Media YouView
E! +1NBCUniversal229
E! HDNBCUniversal239
E4Channel Four Television Corporation028122136144028
E4 +1Channel Four Television Corporation029123137146029
E4 HDChannel Four Television Corporation202145
Ebony Life TVMedia and Entertainment City Africa (MEC Africa)478 (TT)
EdenUKTV (BBC Worldwide/Scripps Networks Interactive)532208412 (TT)
Eden +1UKTV (BBC Worldwide/Scripps Networks Interactive)533209
Eden HDUKTV (BBC Worldwide/Scripps Networks Interactive)563210
Equal WorldEqual World Foundation244 (streamed)662
ESPNBT Group plc417/433529509 (BT)
ESPN HDBT Group plc433/417530512 (BT)
Estuary TV (Grimsby)Estuary TV Limited008159008
EuronewsEuronews SA241 (streamed)204508620
EWTN CatholicEternal Word Television Network589
EWTN EuropeEternal Word Television Network1147
Extreme Sports ChannelAMC Networks International Zone419527


Name Owner Freeview Freesat Sky Virgin Media YouView
FAB TVFitness & Beauty TV Limited254
Faith World TVWorld Evangelism Bible Church590
Fashion OneBigfoot Entertainment411257
Fashion TVMichel Adam Lisowski241 (streamed)
Film4Channel Four Television Corporation015300315428015
Film4 +1Channel Four Television Corporation045301316430045
Film4 HDChannel Four Television Corporation342429
Fire Hit TVThe Triple Broadcast Co Ltd060 (Manchester)060 (Manchester)
FlavaCSC Media Group (Sony Pictures Television)374
Flow TVFlow TV Ltd595
Food NetworkScripps Networks Interactive041149248287041
Food Network +1Scripps Networks Interactive151250
Forces TVServices Sound and Vision Corporation652264244
FoxFox International Channels (21st Century Fox)238 (streamed)124157422
Fox+Fox International Channels (21st Century Fox)165199
Fox HDFox International Channels (21st Century Fox)188158449 (BT)
Fox News ChannelFox News Network LLC (21st Century Fox)509
France 24 EnglishFrance Médias Monde241 (streamed)205513624
France 24 FrenchFrance Médias Monde244 (streamed)832
Freesat InformationFreesat999


Name Owner Freeview Freesat Sky Virgin Media YouView
Gay Network4D Interactive Ltd243 (streamed)872
Gay RabbitAssociated Newspapers203203
Gem TVGem Group244 (streamed)
Gems TVThe Genuine Gemstone Company043805655755043
GEO NewsIndependent Media Corporation817
GEO TezIndependent Media Corporation816
GEO TVIndependent Media Corporation807
Get Lucky TVEscape Channel Ltd908
Ginx TVGinx TV Limited286
GloboGlobosat (Organizações Globo)488 (TT)
Glory TVGlory TV Ltd.244 (streamed)823
GOD ChannelThe Angel Foundation244 (streamed)694580279
GoldUKTV (BBC Worldwide/Scripps Networks Interactive)110126408
GoldGlobal Radio7221121923
Gold +1UKTV (BBC Worldwide/Scripps Networks Interactive)166127
Good FoodUKTV (BBC Worldwide/Scripps Networks Interactive)133260410 (TT)
Good Food +1UKTV (BBC Worldwide/Scripps Networks Interactive)243261
Good Food HDUKTV (BBC Worldwide/Scripps Networks Interactive)255262
Gospel ChannelGospel Channel587


Name Owner Freeview Freesat Sky Virgin Media YouView
H2A+E Networks UK (A+E Networks/Sky plc)238 (streamed)531236491
Heart LondonGlobal Radio7287331111918728
Heart TVGlobal Television (Global Group)054 (Manchester)516387054 (Manchester)
HeatThe Box Plus Network (Bauer Media Group/Channel Four Television Corporation)364338438 (TT)
Heat RadioBauer Radio716716
Hekayat 1Arab Radio and Television Network (ART)462 (TT)
Hekayat 2Arab Radio and Television Network (ART)463 (TT)
Hidayat TVIntellivision Broadcast (UK) Ltd.800
High Street TVHSTV Media Limited821658
High Street XtraHSTV Media Limited666
HistoryA+E Networks UK (A+E Networks/Sky plc)238 (streamed)529234432
History +1A+E Networks UK (A+E Networks/Sky plc)530235
History HDA+E Networks UK (A+E Networks/Sky plc)545452 (BT)
Holiday+CruiseLiverpool Cruise Club256
Holidays TVAssociated Newspapers201201
HomeUKTV (BBC Worldwide/Scripps Networks Interactive)196265411 (TT)
Home +1UKTV (BBC Worldwide/Scripps Networks Interactive)244266
Home StoreThe Broadcast House Limited663
Horror ChannelCBS AMC Networks UK Channels Partnership070138319149070, 487 (TT)
Horror Channel +1CBS AMC Networks UK Channels Partnership139320202
Horse & Country TVHorse & Country TV Limited253
HUM EuropeHUM TV844


Name Owner Freeview Freesat Sky Virgin Media YouView
Ideal ExtraIdeal Shopping Direct plc810661
Ideal WorldIdeal Shopping Direct plc022812654747022
Information TVInformation TV Limited401212
Information TV +1Information TV Limited265
Insight RadioRoyal National Institute of Blind People730730
InspirationThe Inspiration Network690585
Investigation DiscoveryDiscovery Networks Western Europe522214471 (BT)
Investigation Discovery +1Discovery Networks Western Europe551215
IQRA TVChannel S Plus Limited244 (streamed)819
IQRA BanglaChannel S Plus Limited244 (streamed)825
Irish TVInformation TV Ltd400191
Islam ChannelIslam Channel Ltd.244 (streamed)693806
Islam TV UrduIslam Channel Ltd.849
ITVITV plc003103103103003
ITV LondonITV plc977973853
ITV +1ITV plc033112131114033
ITV EncoreITV Digital Channels Ltd (ITV plc)123
ITV Encore +1ITV Digital Channels Ltd (ITV plc)208
ITV Encore HDITV Digital Channels Ltd (ITV plc)269
ITV HDITV plc103119178113103
ITV2ITV Digital Channels Ltd (ITV plc)006113118115006
ITV2 +1ITV Digital Channels Ltd (ITV plc)027114180116027
ITV2 HDITV Digital Channels Ltd (ITV plc)225176
ITV3ITV Digital Channels Ltd (ITV plc)010115119117010
ITV3 +1ITV Digital Channels Ltd (ITV plc)034116193174034
ITV3 HDITV Digital Channels Ltd (ITV plc)263177
ITV4ITV Digital Channels Ltd (ITV plc)024117120118024
ITV4 +1ITV Digital Channels Ltd (ITV plc)062155206175062
ITV4 HDITV Digital Channels Ltd (ITV plc)268178
ITVBeITV Digital Channels Ltd (ITV plc)026118179119026
ITVBe +1ITV Digital Channels Ltd (ITV plc)072158207120072
ITVBe HDITV Digital Channels Ltd (ITV plc)179


Name Owner Freeview Freesat Sky Virgin Media YouView
Jazz FMJazz FM Investments Ltd7291202
JeemTVAl Jazeera460 (TT)
Jewellery ChannelThe Jewellery Channel Ltd.049815660757049
Jewellery MakerThe Genuine Gemstone Company807665756
JML DirectJML Direct Ltd.808651
JSTV1NHK Cosmomedia (Europe) Limited246 (streamed)457 (TT)
JSTV2NHK Cosmomedia (Europe) Limited246 (streamed)458 (TT)


Name Owner Freeview Freesat Sky Virgin Media YouView
KanshiradioKanshiradio Ltd1205
Kerrang!The Box Plus Network (Bauer Media Group/Channel Four Television Corporation)018 (RB)368342439 (TT)
Kerrang! RadioBauer Radio717717
KhushkhabriAsian Gold Radio Ltd1151
KICC TVKingsway International Christian Centre591
Kingdom EuropeKingdom Media Ltd248 (streamed)
KissThe Box Plus Network (Bauer Media Group/Channel Four Television Corporation)018 (RB)518361336436 (TT)
KissBauer Radio7131178963713
KissFreshBauer Radio712712
KisstoryBauer Radio714714
Kiss Me TVBoxBeat Media207207
KixCSC Media Group (Sony Pictures Television)606627
KyknetM-Net247 (streamed)455 (TT)
Kyknet MusiekM-Net247 (streamed)456 (TT)


Name Owner Freeview Freesat Sky Virgin Media YouView
Latest TV (Brighton & Hove)Latest TV Ltd008159008
LBCGlobal Radio7327341112919732
LBC NewsGlobal Radio1124921
LFCTVLiverpool FC429544
LFCTV HDLiverpool FC455
Liberty RadioLiberty Radio Limited1186
LifetimeA+E Networks UK (A+E Networks/Sky plc)238 (streamed)156242490
Lifetime +1A+E Networks UK (A+E Networks/Sky plc)197
Lifetime HDA+E Networks UK (A+E Networks/Sky plc)236
Live Channel EventsVirgin Media0
London Live (London)ESTV (Lebedev Holdings Ltd)008117159008
Loveworld TVLoveworld Ltd.586
Lucky StarGrandiose Ltd909


Name Owner Freeview Freesat Sky Virgin Media YouView
Madani ChannelDawat-e-Islami828
Made in Bristol (Bristol)Made Television008117159008
Made in Cardiff (Cardiff)Made Television023134 (whole of Wales)159023
Made in Leeds (Leeds)Made Television008117159008
Made in Tyne and Wear (Newcastle)Made Television008117159008
MagicThe Box Plus Network (Bauer Media Group/Channel Four Television Corporation)523363340435 (TT)
MagicBauer Radio7151180928715
MATV NationalMiddlesex Broadcasting Corporation Ltd.793
Metro TVMedia Group482 (TT)
More4Channel Four Television Corporation014124138147014
More4 +1Channel Four Television Corporation125139196
More4 HDChannel Four Television Corporation231203
More Than MoviesSony Pictures Television143185
More Than Movies +1Sony Pictures Television156186
Motors TV UKMotors TV S.A.071, 240 (streamed)447545071, 240 (streamed)
Movies 24Universal Networks International (NBCUniversal)327419542 (BT)
Movies 24 +Universal Networks International (NBCUniversal)328420
Movies4MenSony Pictures Television048304325048
Movies4Men +1Sony Pictures Television050 (Manchester)305326050 (Manchester)
MTA Muslim TVAhmiddya Muslim Community787
MTVViacom International Media Networks Europe238 (streamed)126134425
MTV +1Viacom International Media Networks Europe270
MTV BaseViacom International Media Networks Europe351313427 (TT)
MTV ClassicViacom International Media Networks Europe355430 (TT)
MTV DanceViacom International Media Networks Europe353314428 (TT)
MTV HDViacom International Media Networks Europe220183447 (BT)
MTV HitsViacom International Media Networks Europe352312426 (TT)
MTV LiveViacom International Media Networks Europe358
MTV Live HDViacom International Media Networks Europe386311
MTV MusicViacom International Media Networks Europe350310431
MTV RocksViacom International Media Networks Europe354315429 (TT)
Mustard TV (Norwich)Mustard TV Ltd (Archant Community Media Ltd)008159008
MUTVManchester United F.C.418528
MUTV HDManchester United F.C.453
My ChannelRecord Group203
My Ex-GirlfriendsPlayboy Enterprises913973


Name Owner Freeview Freesat Sky Virgin Media YouView
National Geographic ChannelNGC-UK Partnership (National Geographic Society/Fox International Channels)526230423
National Geographic Channel +1NGC-UK Partnership (National Geographic Society/Fox International Channels)527231
National Geographic Channel HDNGC-UK Partnership (National Geographic Society/Fox International Channels)543232450 (BT)
Nat Geo WildNGC-UK Partnership (National Geographic Society/Fox International Channels)528228424
Nat Geo Wild HDNGC-UK Partnership (National Geographic Society/Fox International Channels)544451 (BT)
NDTV 24x7New Delhi Television Ltd.511621
NDTV Good TimesNew Delhi Television Ltd.829
News 18 IndiaTV18 (Network 18 Group)244 (streamed)848
NHK WorldNHK241 (streamed)
NHK World HDNHK209507625
NickelodeonNickelodeon UK (Viacom International Media Networks Europe/Sky plc)238 (streamed)604712558
Nickelodeon +1Nickelodeon UK (Viacom International Media Networks Europe/Sky plc)605713
Nickelodeon HDNickelodeon UK (Viacom International Media Networks Europe/Sky plc)632714
Nick Jr.Nickelodeon UK (Viacom International Media Networks Europe/Sky plc)238 (streamed)615715559
Nick Jr. +1Nickelodeon UK (Viacom International Media Networks Europe/Sky plc)630
Nick Jr. TooNickelodeon UK (Viacom International Media Networks Europe/Sky plc)620716
NicktoonsNickelodeon UK (Viacom International Media Networks Europe/Sky plc)238 (streamed)606717560
Nollywood MoviesNollywood Movies Ltd.329835477 (TT)
Noor TVAl Ehya Digital Television Ltd.812
Notts TV (Nottingham)Confetti Media Group008159008
NOW MusicAll Around the World Productions241 (streamed)512378
NTVInternational Television Channel Ltd.838
NVTV (Belfast)Northern Visions008159008


Name Owner Freeview Freesat Sky Virgin Media YouView
Olive TVZion of the Holy One of Israel Ministries593
Open Heaven TVOpen Heavens Media Limited244 (streamed)199


Name Owner Freeview Freesat Sky Virgin Media YouView
Panjab RadioPanjab Radio1130
PartyCellcast Group175175
PaversShoes.tvPavers Shoes669
PBS AmericaPBS UK LLC534243
Peace TVZakir Naik244 (streamed)813
Peace TV UrduZakir Naik244 (streamed)830
PFCGlobosat (Organizações Globo)489 (TT)
Phoenix CNEPhoenix Television785
PickSky plc011144152123011
Pick +1Sky plc153
PIN Protection HelpVirgin Media998
Planet KnowledgeVOD 365245 (streamed)
Planet PopAll Around the World Productions241 (streamed)370
Planet RockBauer Radio7301110924
Play TVNorthern & Shell940
Playboy TVPlayboy Enterprises900979
Playboy TV NightlyPlayboy Enterprises971
Playboy TV ChatPlayboy Enterprises902
Playboy TV HotPlayboy Enterprises924
POPCSC Media Group (Sony Pictures Television)125603616125
POP +1CSC Media Group (Sony Pictures Television)127 (Manchester)629127 (Manchester)
Pop GirlCSC Media Group (Sony Pictures Television)604626
Premier Christian RadioPremier Christian Media Trust725725
Premier SportsPremier Media428551526 (TT)
Propeller TVXiking Group189
Proud DatingBoxBeat Media208208
Psychic TodayMajestic TV Limited244 (streamed)886
PTC PunjabiPTC Network815
PTV GlobalPakistan Television Corporation803
PTV PrimePakistan Television Corporation244 (streamed)792
Pub ChannelSky plc881


Name Owner Freeview Freesat Sky Virgin Media YouView
QuestDiscovery Networks Western Europe037167172037
Quest +1Discovery Networks Western Europe038195173038
QVCQVC (Liberty Media)016, 241 (streamed)800650740016
QVC +1 HDQVC (Liberty Media)111111
QVC BeautyQVC (Liberty Media)035, 241 (streamed)816668035
QVC Beauty HDQVC (Liberty Media)112112
QVC ExtraQVC (Liberty Media)035 (RB), 057, 241 (streamed)814673057
QVC StyleQVC (Liberty Media)035 (RB), 241 (streamed)818678


Name Owner Freeview Freesat Sky Virgin Media YouView
RabbitAssociated Newspapers202202
Racing UKRacing UK Limited231432536
Rainbow RadioRainbow Radio Ltd1207
ReallyUKTV (BBC Worldwide/Scripps Networks Interactive)017155267017
Reality TVCBS AMC Networks UK Channels Partnership198
Record TVRecord TV Network801
Red Hot 18sNorthern & Shell907974
Red Hot AmateurNorthern & Shell904976
Red Hot MumsNorthern & Shell905975
Red Light 1Playboy Enterprises930
Retail Therapy TVRetail Therapy Media Ltd.657
RevelationRevelation TV Ltd.241 (streamed)692581
RishteyViacom 18241 (streamed)661822827
Rocks & Co 1Rocks and Co Productions Ltd040817672040
RTRIA Novosti135206512135
RT HDRIA Novosti206518
RTÉ 2fmRaidió Teilifís Éireann7511164
RTÉ Lyric fmRaidió Teilifís Éireann7521165
RTÉ OneRaidió Teilifís Éireann052 (NI)161 (NI)875 (NI)052 (NI)
RTÉ Radio 1Raidió Teilifís Éireann7501160
RTÉ Raidió na GaeltachtaRaidió Teilifís Éireann729 (NI)7531166729 (NI)
RTÉ2Raidió Teilifís Éireann053 (NI)162 (NI)876 (NI)053 (NI)
RTÉ2 HDRaidió Teilifís Éireann224 (NI)
RTÉjrRaidió Teilifís Éireann635 (NI)


Name Owner Freeview Freesat Sky Virgin Media YouView
S4CS4C Authority004 (Wales)120 (104 Wales)134 (104 Wales)166, 856004 (Wales)
S66Northern & Shell912
Safeer TVSafeer TV847
SAMAA TVJaag Broadcasting Systems (Pvt.) Ltd832
Sangat TVSangat TV Ltd836
ScuzzCSC Media Group (Sony Pictures Television)367
Setanta IrelandSetanta Sports423 (NI)
Setanta Sports 1Setanta Sports424 (NI)
Sheffield Live! TV (Sheffield)Sheffield Community Media Ltd008159008
ShowcaseInformation TV Limited244 (streamed)402192
Showcase +1Information TV Limited238
Sikh ChannelTV Legal Limited829
SilverbirdSilverbird Television480 (TT)
Sin TVRelativity Marketing Ltd942
SkySky plc999
Sky 1Sky plc106109401 (TT)
Sky 1 +1Sky plc172
Sky 1 HDSky plc217110
Sky 2Sky plc121121402 (TT)
Sky 3DSky plc170
Sky Arts 1Sky plc129281405 (TT)
Sky Arts 1 HDSky plc221282
Sky Arts 2Sky plc130283406 (TT)
Sky Arts 2 HDSky plc262284
Sky AtlanticSky plc108
Sky Atlantic +1Sky plc173
Sky Atlantic HDSky plc228
Sky HD Retail InfoSky plc997
Sky Insider HDSky plc889
Sky Intro ChannelSky plc899
Sky Intro ChannelSky plc950
Sky Intro ChannelSky plc998
Sky LivingSky plc107111403 (TT)
Sky Living +1Sky plc122140
Sky Living HDSky plc230112
Sky LivingitSky plc222122404 (TT)
Sky Livingit +1Sky plc223160
Sky Movies Action & AdventureSky plc307407531
Sky Movies Action & Adventure HDSky plc334437
Sky Movies Box OfficeSky plc700 - 731
Sky Movies Box OfficeSky plc743 - 744
Sky Movies Box OfficeSky plc754 - 755
Sky Movies Box Office HDSky plc752
Sky Movies ComedySky plc308408535
Sky Movies Comedy HDSky plc335438
Sky Movies Crime & ThrillerSky plc309409538
Sky Movies Crime & Thriller HDSky plc336439
Sky Movies DisneySky plc305405532
Sky Movies Disney HDSky plc332435
Sky Movies Drama & RomanceSky plc310410540
Sky Movies Drama & Romance HDSky plc337440
Sky Movies FamilySky plc306406534
Sky Movies Family HDSky plc333436
Sky Movies GreatsSky plc304404537
Sky Movies Greats HDSky plc331434
Sky Movies PremiereSky plc301401530
Sky Movies Premiere +1Sky plc302402
Sky Movies Premiere HDSky plc314431
Sky Movies Sci Fi & HorrorSky plc311411536
Sky Movies Sci Fi & Horror HDSky plc339441
Sky Movies SelectSky plc312412539
Sky Movies Select HDSky plc340442
Sky Movies ShowcaseSky plc303403533
Sky Movies Showcase HDSky plc330433
Sky NewsSky plc132202501602132
Sky News ArabiaSky plc/Abu Dhabi Investment Corporation840
Sky News HDSky plc516603
Sky Sports 1Sky plc402502501
Sky Sports 1 HDSky plc409512
Sky Sports 2Sky plc403503502
Sky Sports 2 HDSky plc435513
Sky Sports 3Sky plc404504503 (TT)
Sky Sports 3 HDSky plc436514
Sky Sports 4Sky plc405505504 (TT)
Sky Sports 4 HDSky plc439515
Sky Sports 5Sky plc406506524
Sky Sports 5 HDSky plc440516
Sky Sports Box OfficeSky plc491
Sky Sports Box Office HDSky plc492
Sky Sports F1Sky plc407507505 (TT)
Sky Sports F1 HDSky plc451517
Sky Sports News HQSky plc401501506 (TT)
Sky Sports News HQ HDSky plc408511
Smash Hits!The Box Plus Network (Bauer Media Group/Channel Four Television Corporation)362337437 (TT)
SmileTV2Cellcast Group172172
SmileTV3Cellcast Group173173
Smooth RadioGlobal Radio7187321128916718
Solar RadioGlobal Radio1129
SonLife Broadcasting NetworkJimmy Swaggart Ministries239 (streamed)695594239 (streamed)
Sony Entertainment TelevisionSony Pictures Television157193454
Sony Entertainment Television +1Sony Pictures Television181
Sony Entertainment Television AsiaMulti Screen Media (Sony Pictures Television)782805444 (TT)
Sony SET MaxMulti Screen Media (Sony Pictures Television)798806
Sony Movie ChannelSony Pictures Television323
Sony Movie Channel +1Sony Pictures Television324
Sony SAB TVMulti Screen Media (Sony Pictures Television)241 (streamed)660810807
SoundcityTajudeen Adepetu479 (TT)
SpikeViacom International Media Networks Europe031141160031
Sports TonightVision Studios Ltd244 (streamed)
Star GoldSTAR TV (21st Century Fox)809801441 (TT)
Star JalshaSTAR TV (21st Century Fox)808443 (TT)
Star Life OKSTAR TV (21st Century Fox)783804442 (TT)
Star PlusSTAR TV (21st Century Fox)784803440 (TT)
Star Plus HDSTAR TV (21st Century Fox)839
Starz TVCSC Media Group (Sony Pictures Television)505371
StormChat Central Ltd939
Studio 66Northern & Shell941
STV Edinburgh (Edinburgh)STV Group023117 (168 Glasgow)159023
STV Glasgow (Glasgow)STV Group023117159023
Sukh SagarSukh Sagar Radio1150
Super CasinoNetplay TV Broadcasting Ltd862 (GB)
SyfyUniversal Networks International (NBCUniversal)114135419
Syfy +1Universal Networks International (NBCUniversal)194136
Syfy HDUniversal Networks International (NBCUniversal)201165448 (BT)


Name Owner Freeview Freesat Sky Virgin Media YouView
Takbeer TVTakbeer TV Ltd834
TalksportUTV Radio7237311108927723
TBN UKTrinity Broadcasting Network065582065
TCMTurner Broadcasting System Europe (Time Warner)317415
TCM +1Turner Broadcasting System Europe (Time Warner)318417
TCM HDTurner Broadcasting System Europe (Time Warner)341416
Television XNorthern & Shell171903978171
Television X NightlyNorthern & Shell970
TG4Teilifís na Gaeilge051 (NI)163 (NI)877 (NI)051 (NI)
ThaneThane Direct UK Ltd.820670
That's Oxford (Oxford)That's Oxford Ltd008008
That's Solent (Southampton)That's Solent Ltd008008
The Adult ChannelPlayboy Enterprises901980
The Adult Channel NightlyPlayboy Enterprises972
The ArrowGlobal Radio1146
The BoxThe Box Plus Network (Bauer Media Group/Channel Four Television Corporation)519359335434 (TT)
The Dept StoreThe Broadcast House Ltd676
The Hits RadioBauer Radio711711
The MallThe Broadcast House Ltd677
The StoreJML Direct Ltd.039039
The VaultCSC Media Group (Sony Pictures Television)501366
Tiddlers' TVVirgin Media700 (RB)
Tiny PopCSC Media Group (Sony Pictures Television)126605617737126
Tiny Pop +1CSC Media Group (Sony Pictures Television)609625
TJCThe Jewellery Channel Ltd809652
TLCDiscovery Networks Western Europe125167413
TLC +1Discovery Networks Western Europe154169
TLC +2Discovery Networks Western Europe200
TLC HDDiscovery Networks Western Europe234168472 (BT)
Travel ChannelTravel Channel International Ltd. (Scripps Networks Interactive)042150249288042
Travel Channel +1Travel Channel International Ltd. (Scripps Networks Interactive)152251
TristarThane Direct UK Ltd.803656
True DramaCSC Media Group (Sony Pictures Television)153183
True EntertainmentCSC Media Group (Sony Pictures Television)061 (except Wales)142184189061 (except Wales)
True Entertainment +1CSC Media Group (Sony Pictures Television)261
True Movies 1CSC Media Group (Sony Pictures Television)302321424
True Movies 2CSC Media Group (Sony Pictures Television)303322
TruTVTurner Broadcasting System Europe (Time Warner)068154565068
TruTV +1Turner Broadcasting System Europe (Time Warner)069069
TV ShopTV Shop Broadcasting Ltd806653
TV WarehouseCanis 107 Limited667
TV5MONDE EuropeTV5MONDE, S.A.796825
TV99East and West Entertainment842
TVC NewsContinental Broadcasting Service (Nigeria)244 (streamed)517
TVC News +1Continental Broadcasting Service (Nigeria)572
TVPlayerSimpleStream Group plc241 (streamed)
TVX BritsNorthern & Shell911
TWRTrans World Radio7337901138


Name Owner Freeview Freesat Sky Virgin Media YouView
U105 (Northern Ireland)UTV Radio726726
UCB BibleUnited Christian Broadcasters1134
UCB GospelUnited Christian Broadcasters1135
UCB InspirationUnited Christian Broadcasters1136
UCB IrelandUnited Christian Broadcasters1214
UCB TVUnited Christian Broadcasters584
UCB UKUnited Christian Broadcasters1125914
Ummah ChannelUmmah Channel Ltd820
UMP MoviesUTV Software Communications797
Universal ChannelUniversal Networks International (NBCUniversal)113137420
Universal Channel +1Universal Networks International (NBCUniversal)150138
Universal Channel HDUniversal Networks International (NBCUniversal)204


Name Owner Freeview Freesat Sky Virgin Media YouView
V ChannelAvalon Capital Ltd.671
Venus TVVenus TV Ltd.805
VH1Viacom International Media Networks Europe356316
Vintage TVVintage Entertainment Ltd.242 (streamed)515369343242 (streamed)
Virgin iDVirgin Media999
Virgin Media PreviewsVirgin Media100
Virgin Movies PreviewsFilmFlex/Virgin Media400
Virgin Music On Demand (OD)Virgin Media300
Virgin Music OD - TakeoverVirgin Media301
Virgin Music OD - HitsVirgin Media302
Virgin Music OD - UrbanVirgin Media303
Virgin Music OD - RocksVirgin Media304
Virgin Music OD - DanceVirgin Media305
Virgin Music OD - PlaylistVirgin Media309
Vision TVVision247244 (streamed)
VivaViacom International Media Networks Europe074146357317074
Vox AfricaVox244 (streamed)218
VuTVS&T238 (streamed)


Name Owner Freeview Freesat Sky Virgin Media YouView
WatchUKTV (BBC Worldwide/Scripps Networks Interactive)109124407
Watch +1UKTV (BBC Worldwide/Scripps Networks Interactive)213125
Watch HDUKTV (BBC Worldwide/Scripps Networks Interactive)245191
Word NetworkAdell Broadcasting588
WorldboxVirgin Media834 (RB)
WRN EuropeWRN Broadcast1122920


Name Owner Freeview Freesat Sky Virgin Media YouView
XFM LondonGlobal Radio7231113960
Xpanded TVTxt Me TV Limited182 (except Wales)931182 (except Wales)
Xpanded TV 2Txt Me TV Limited943
XXX 18 & DirtyPlayboy Enterprises925
XXX AmateursPlayboy Enterprises922
XXX Big&BouncyPlayboy Enterprises920
XXX BritsPlayboy Enterprises910
XXX ExtremePlayboy Enterprises923
XXX Girl GirlPlayboy Enterprises921
XXX MumsPlayboy Enterprises926977


Name Owner Freeview Freesat Sky Virgin Media YouView
Ya Hala!OSN467 (TT)
YesterdayUKTV (BBC Worldwide/Scripps Networks Interactive)019537206019
Yesterday +1UKTV (BBC Worldwide/Scripps Networks Interactive)538207


Name Owner Freeview Freesat Sky Virgin Media YouView
Zee CinemaZee Entertainment Enterprises790810
Zee PunjabiZee Entertainment Enterprises835812
Zee TVZee Entertainment Enterprises788809447 (TT)
ZingZee Entertainment Enterprises663789813


Excluding Local TV Edit

Date Freeview Freesat Sky Virgin Media YouView Name Action New FV New FS New SKY New VM New YV New Name Region Notes
12/05/15229Nat Geo Wild HDLaunchAlready broadcasting on Sky
26/05/15343Talking Pictures TVLaunch
May 15TBCTBCAl Jazeera English HDLaunchAlready broadcasting on Freeview. On HD boxes, will launch on 514
09/06/15129281405 (TT)Sky Arts 1Move and rename121 or 122Sky Arts
09/06/15130283406 (TT)Sky Arts 2Removal
09/06/15221282Sky Arts 1 HDRenameSky Arts HD
09/06/15262284Sky Arts 2 HDRemoval
09/06/15121Sky2Possible move?
09/06/15122Sky Living +1Possible move?
09/06/15170Sky 3DRemoval
June 15TBCHum MasalaLaunch
Summer 2015058058BT Sport 1Removal
Autumn 2015007106115106007BBC One +1Launch
2015254FAB TVRestored
2015TBCSundance ChannelLaunch
2015159Pick +1LaunchAlready broadcasting on Sky
2015160Challenge +1LaunchAlready broadcasting on Sky and Virgin
2015TBCTBCTBC (BT)BT Sport 3Launch
2015TBCTBCTBC (BT)BT Sport 3 HDLaunch
Apr 16TBCRed Bull TVLaunch
2016007106115106007BBC ThreeRemoval
2016105147210147105BBC Three HDRemoval
2016TBCTBCS4C HDLaunchOn HD boxes, will launch on 104 or 134
TBCTBCRTÉ IrelandLaunch
TBC972976BBC One HDRemovalScot, Wales, NI
TBC973977BBC One Scotland HDMove985976Except ScotBBC 1 Scot moves to 976 instead on Sky HD boxes
TBC976978BBC One Wales HDMove989977Except WalesBBC 1 Wales moves to 977 instead on Sky HD boxes
TBC978979BBC One Northern Ireland HDMove982978Great BritainBBC 1 NI moves to 978 instead on Sky HD boxes
TBC101108141108101BBC One London HDLaunchOn 972(Freesat) and 979 (Sky) outside region
TBC101108141108101BBC One North East & Cumbria HDLaunchOn 981(Freesat) and 980 (Sky) outside region
TBC101108141108101BBC One Yorkshire HDLaunchOn 991 (Freesat) and 981 (Sky) outside region
TBC101108141108101BBC One Yorkshire & Lincolnshire HDLaunchOn 992 (Freesat) and 982 (Sky) outside region
TBC101108141108101BBC One North West HDLaunchOn 980 (Freesat) and 983 (Sky) outside region
TBC101108141108101BBC One West Midlands HDLaunchOn 988 (Freesat) and 984 (Sky) outside region
TBC101108141108101BBC One East Midlands HDLaunchOn 976 (Freesat) and 985 (Sky) outside region
TBC101108141108101BBC One East (East) HDLaunchOn 978 (Freesat) and 986 (Sky) outside region
TBC101108141108101BBC One East (West) HDLaunchOn 979 (Freesat) and 987 (Sky) outside region
TBC101108141108101BBC One South East HDLaunchOn 984 (Freesat) and 988 (Sky) outside region
TBC101108141108101BBC One South HDLaunchOn 986 (Freesat) and 989 (Sky) outside region
TBC101108141108101BBC One Oxfordshire HDLaunchOn 983 (Freesat) and 990 (Sky) outside region
TBC101108141108101BBC One West HDLaunchOn 990 (Freesat) and 991 (Sky) outside region
TBC101108141108101BBC One South West HDLaunchOn 987 (Freesat) and 992 (Sky) outside region
TBC101108141108101BBC One Channel Islands HDLaunchOn 973 (Freesat) and 993 (Sky) outside region
TBC102109142162102BBC Two England HDMove993994Scot, Wales, NI
TBC102109142162102BBC Two Scotland HDLaunchOn 995 (Freesat/Sky) outside region
TBC102109142162102BBC Two Wales HDLaunchOn 996 (Freesat) and TBC (Sky) outside region
TBC102109142162102BBC Two Northern Ireland HDLaunchOn 994 (Freesat) and TBC (Sky) outside region
TBC601981980991601BBC Red Button 1MoveTBCTBC
TBC032032Movie MixRenameMore Than MoviesAlready broadcasting on Freesat and Sky
TBCTBCTBCSony Movie ChannelLaunchAlready broadcasting on Sky
TBCTBCTBCSony Movie Channel +1LaunchAlready broadcasting on Sky
TBC528 (TT)Sky Sports Box OfficeLaunchAlready broadcasting on Sky
TBCTBCITVBe HDLaunchAlready broadcasting on Virgin

Local TV Edit

A broadcaster has two years from the date of the award of a licence in which to commence broadcasting (see deadline for launch column). However, before it can actually commence broadcasting a formal licence (with full terms and conditions) has to be granted. Where the deadline date and the earliest date are the same, or where the channel has announced a firm launch date, the date is shown in bold below.

Indicative or confirmed launch date Deadline for launch Name UK region Owner Freeview YouView Freesat Sky Virgin Media
17 April 2015 (indicative) That’s Oxford Oxford and surrounding areas That's TV Ltd 8 8 159
End June 2015 (indicative) That's Manchester Manchester and surrounding areas That's TV Ltd 8 8 159
End June 2015 (indicative) That's Lancashire Blackpool, Preston and surrounding areas That's TV Ltd 8 8 159
21 October 2015 Yorkshire Coast TV Scarborough and surrounding areas Estuary TV CIC Ltd 8 8
21 October 2015 Cambridge Presents Cambridge and surrounding areas Cambridge Presents 8 8 159
10 November 2015 Made In Teeside Middlesbrough and surrounding areas Made Television 8 8
11 November 2015 The York Channel York and surrounding areas One&Other TV 8 8
13 January 2016 Bay TV Swansea Swansea and surrounding areas Bay TV Swansea Ltd 23 23
13 January 2016 Bay TV Clwyd Mold and surrounding areas Bay TV Clwyd Ltd 23 23
2 June 2016 That’s Surrey Guildford and surrounding areas That's Surrey Ltd 8 8 159
2 June 2016 That’s Salisbury Salisbury and surrounding areas That's Salisbury Ltd 8 8 159
2 June 2016 That’s Reading Reading and surrounding areas That's Berkshire Ltd 8 8 159
7 July 2016 KMTV Maidstone, Tonbridge and surrounding areas KM Television 8 8
7 July 2016 That’s Hampshire Basingstoke and surrounding areas That's Hampshire Ltd 8 8 159
2 March 2017 Around Aberdeen Aberdeen and surrounding areas STV Group 23 23
2 March 2017 Ayrshire Today Ayr and surrounding areas STV Group 23 23
2 March 2017 View From The Bridges Dundee and surrounding areas STV Group 23 23
  • Decisions outstanding: Carlisle (one applicant - That's Carflisle from That's TV); and Luton (decision on application covering merged Luton and Bedford area).
  • No applicants by closing date in following areas: Forth Valley, Bromsgrove, Kidderminster, Stratford on Avon, Barnstaple, Londonderry, Limavady, Gloucester and Plymouth
  • Ofcom rejected sole bids in following areas: Bangor (Wales), Inverness and Stoke-on-Trent